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September 18, 1908



Eight Days Will Be Consumed in
Making the Return Trip.
Rules Governing the Start.
The forty-one entries in the automobile touring contest were assigned places last night at a meeting of the Automobile Club at the Coates house. The first car to start on the tour will be the pilot car carrying W. G Coumbe and H. G. Blakely, officials in charge of the tour. The car, which will be a six-cylinder Stevens-Duryea, will leave the north end of the lake in Penn Valley park shortly before 7 o'clock tomorrow morning. The other cars will follow each other at intervals of two minutes, the first entrant leaving Penn Valley park at 7 o'clock.

It was given out at the meeting last night that every entrant must make out a report of the condition of his car at the start. The club will furnish two blank reports to each entrant. It is presumed that all cars will be in good condition when starting, but if there be some defect the report must be made before the start in order for the entrant to be able to avoid the starting defect as a penalty in the course. The second blank must be filled out and carried on the tour until taken up by the committee in the official car.

The tour will be to Oklahoma City, Ok., and will extend over a period of eight days. Many of the entrance have announced their desire to take friends and members of their family with them. Each entrant must make out a list of all who will ride in his car and leave one copy of the list with the officials at the start and give the other copy to the committee en route.

The following is the official list of the entrants:

1. Official car.....Stevens-Duryea
2. J. F. Moriarty.....Stevens-Duryea
3. D. B. Munger.....Peerless
4. H. E. Rooklidge.....White Steamer
5. Winfield Demon.....White Steamer
6. A. C. Wurmser.....National
7. C. A. Muehlebach.....Pope-Hartford
8. P. C. Rickey.....Stevens-Duryea
9. W. L. Walls.....Studebaker
10. H. G. Kirkland.....Overland
11. Frank E. Lott.....Premier
12. E. H. Jones.....Maxwell
13. Fletcher Cowherd, Jr. .....Corbin
14. C. J. Simons.....Maxwell
15. E. P. Moriarty.....Chalmers-Detroit
16. R. C. Greenlease.....Cadillac
17. W. S. Hathaway.....Maxwell
18. H. E. Rooklidge.....Reo
19. H. E. Rooklidge.....Premier
20. E. P. Moriarty.....Chalmers-Detroit
21. T. C. Brown.....Peerless
22. Charles B. Merrill.....Moon
23. J. F. Moriarty.....Chalmers-Detroit
24. Frank Woodward.....Knox
25. E. P. Moriarty.....Chalmers-Detroit
26. Frank Woodward.....Knox
27. W. S. Hathaway.....Maxwell
28. H. F. Wirth.....Buick
29. E. P. Moriarty.....Chalmers-Detroit
30. H. G. Kirkland.....Brush
31. J. E. Anderson.....Rambler
32. George Hawes.....Stoddard-Dayton
33. H. F. Gleason.....Gleason
34. A. O. Hunsacker.....Acme
35. Charles Norris.....Ford
36. C. A. Boyd.....Ford
37. L. A. Robertson.....Franklin
38. C. F. Ettwein.....The K. C. Wonder
39. Frank Woodward.....Knox
40. G. W. Graham.....Stoddard-Dayton
41. T. B. Funk....Ford

The rules governing the course of the tour will be furnished each entrant at the start.

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