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December 26, 1909



Work Will Be Started Feb-
ruary 1, and Will Be Com-
pleted by June, 1911.
Kansas City, Mexico & Orient Railway Gets Direct Line to Mexico City.

WICHITA, KAS., Dec. 25. -- Announcement was made here today that contracts for the right of way from San Angelo, Tex., to Del Rio, Tex., have been signed by the Orient railroad and the local municipalities and actual work on the construction of a branch to connect with the International Railroad of Mexico will be commenced February 1. This will give Wichita, Kansas City and intermediate shipping points a direct line to the City of Mexico. The contract provides that the road is to be completed June 1st, 1911.

Simultaneously the information was given out here today that the Mexican government has agreed to spend $6,000,000 and a Mexican capitalist $4,000,000 on irrigation projects in Northern Mexico along the line of the International road. Millions of acres there will be transformed into veritable truck beds.

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December 17, 1909


Result of Recent Trip of
Officials and Capitalists.

The sum of $939,000 in subscriptions for the promotion of the work on the Kansas City, Mexico & Orient Railway is the result of the recent trip conducted by President A. E. Stilwell and Edward C. Dickinson, vice president of the railroad company. The trip was taken the first of this month, lasted fifteen days, ending the first of this week. Mr. Dickinson was accompanied by a party of Eastern business men and capitalists. He pronounces the trip a success from a business standpoint as well as in every other way. Before the trip was completed $789,000 had been subscribed by the men of the party and since then the other $150,000 has been sent in.

The trip started at Chicago, the party being taken in a special train. Th intention was to go straight to El Paso and down to the City of Mexico directly from there. However, storms, washouts and swollen streams made that particular rout out of the question. So the party had to give up the idea of going over that section of the company's tracks. The trip South was therefore by way of Chillicothe, Fort Worth, San Antonio and Laredo to Mexico City. The latter part of the trip was made over the Orient lines.

The return trip took the party over the Mexican Central to El Paso, over the Texas Pacific to Sweet Water and on into San Angelo. The Kansas City, Mexico & Orient line was then followed as far as Altus where the Frisco was traveled to St. Louis. At the last mention place the party disbanded. Mr. Dickinson returned directly to Kansas City, disappointed in only one thing -- the party had not been able to travel over as much of the company's tracks as had been desired.

The work on the road is to be pushed as fast as possible and all of the improvements contemplated will be made in both roadbed and rolling stock.

When asked in regard to the personnel of the party Mr. Dickinson said he preferred not to give out the names yet because of reasons which also he didn't care to make public. However, he said that John F. Wallace, former chief engineer of the Illinois Central railroad and chief engineer of the Panama canal, who is also a vice president of the Kansas City, Mexico & Orient railway, was one of the party. Mr. Wallace, said Mr. Dickinson, has only recently been made vice president of the road to fill the place of George Crocker, recently deceased. Further that the above Mr. Dickinson said he could say nothing for publication.

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November 27, 1909



Special Train With Pres. Stilwell,
Vice Pres. Dickinson and East-
ern Financiers Will Be
Here For Hours.

When the main line of the Kansas City, Mexico and Orient railroad is completed into Kansas City, it is likely that the Orient trains will enter the new Union passenger station. At least efforts to this end will be made this morning.

A. E. Stilwell, president of the road, and E. Dickinson, vice president and general manager, will arrive in Kansas City this morning with a party of Eastern capitalists and stockholders. The party will arrive in a special train of seven sleepers over the Rock Island, at 8 o'clock. While here there will be a meeting with President H. L. Harmon and other officials of the Kansas City Terminal Railway Company, and admittance to the organization will be sought.

The Orient officials have but little doubt that satisfactory arrangements can be made as there is no real opposition to the plan. It is not known as yet just how the Orient will enter the city, whether on their own tracks or those of one of the other roads, or the exact location of on their own tracks. The right of way from Wichita to Kansas City has not been secured. The company, however, expects to be operating trains from Kansas City within the next four years, probably by the time the Union depot is completed.

Mr. Stilwell and his party will remain in Kansas City until noon, leaving for Wichita over the Rock Island. From Wichita and inspection of the system will be made, as far as the present tracks are built.

The greater part of the Orient system is already in operation. From Wichita, Kas., to San Angelo, Tex., is a stretch of track 510 miles in length over which three through trains each way are to be operated daily.

From Marquez, Chihuahua, 300 miles southwest of San Angelo, there is another completed stretch of track 287 miles in length extending to Sanchez, Chihuahua. A train each way is operated daily over this portion of the system.

After another uncompleted stretch of 200 miles the Orient is complete from Fuerte, Sinaloa, to Topolobampo, the terminus of the system on the Gulf of California, over which daily train service is provided.

The only other uncompleted portion of the system is from Kansas City to Wichita, 208 miles, making in all about 500 miles of the system and 1,659 miles yet to be completed.

The Orient party headed by Messrs. Stilwell and Dickinson will spend a month in the United States and Mexico inspecting the system and making whatever arrangements are necessary to hasten its completion.

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April 25, 1909


With English Stockholders, He Paid
a Visit to President Diaz -- Good
Progress Being Made.

A. E. Stilwell, promoter and president of the Kansas City, Mexico & Orient Railway, returned to Kansas City yesterday after a trip over the right of way of the Orient and a visit to President Diaz with his party of English capitalists. The party arrived at the Union depot at 6 o'clock last night over the M. K. & T. in a special train.

"There is nothing much to say," said Mr. Stilwell last night. "We went over the Orient and found things progressing as always. The result of our interview with President Diaz had no unusual features. We made a purely social call upon him and received his congratulations upon the progress we have made."

H. J. Chinnery, one of the English financiers and a heavy investor in Mr. Stilwell's railway, was enthusiastic.

"We are more than ever delighted with the prospect," said he. "The reception accorded us at the hands of the president of the Mexican republic has given us encouragement far greater than we ever contemplated. It seems as if there is nothing in Mexico that Mr. Stilwell cannot have if he will ask for it. Our faith and confidence in that gentleman's ability as a railroad promoter and builder is only exceeded by that of Diaz.

"He gave us ever assurance of encouragement and help from the republic. Already he has done much to aid the road by using his influence in our behalf. The idea of a direct line of railroad from New York to Mexico and the gulf is not only a future possibility, but a reality, and the future is not a great way off.

"The work on the road between Sweetwater and San Angelo is already well under way and will be completed by September. This extension will connect Kansas City direct with one of the richest countries in America. It is hard to believe that any better or more fertile soil exists anywhere than in the territory of San Angelo. Most of the early vegetables, strawberries and fruits come from this section, and the completion of the track between San Angelo and Sweetwater means considerable difference in freight rates and time by a cut of more than 100 miles, it being necessary now to come up by way of Fort Worth, Tex."

After dinner at the Hotel Baltimore last night Mr. Stilwell, Mr. Chinnery and Mr. Hurdle left for Wichita, Kas., to look over terminal possibilities. The party will then go to Boston for a conference with Eastern investors, when the Englishmen will return to Europe.

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April 10, 1909


Aged President of Mexico Makes It
Easier for the Orient to Build.

Before President Arthur E. Stilwell of the Orient and his part of officials, directors, stockholders and investors return from their inspection of the system, which they will begin today, they will have had an audience with Porfirio Diaz, the veteran president of Mexico, through which republic so much of the Stilwell road runs. There are matters concerning the relations of the Orient with the Mexican government that will come up for discussion at this meeting.

President Diaz has extended every possible encouragement to the officials of the new line, and it was only recently through his influence the time limit for the completion of the road in Mexico was extended five years. By his recommendation to the Mexican congress, Diaz has secured a substantial increase in the freight and passenger rates of the Orient, which will swell its revenue, while in the process of construction. Naturally such an increase is very welcome to the owners of the line, which is stretching steadily toward the Gulf of California without the help of Wall street.

By permission of the national legislative body of the country, the road can now charge 5 cents a mile for first class passengers, and 3 1/2 cents for second class. The third class is abolished. Formerly first class passengers rode for 3 cents. Moreover, the freight rate there has been increased about 25 per cent.

There are about forty-two who will leave on the special train this afternoon over the Rock Island for Wichita. President Stilwell and W. W. Dickinson, vice president and general manager, will be among the number. From Wichita to Sweetwater, Tex., they will go over their own line. At Sweetwater they will take the Texas & Pacific for El Paso, and thence over the Mexican Central to Chihuahua, where they will strike their own line again. They will run out each way from Chihuahua, and inspect the road thus far completed and will not get any farther west than Sanchez, about 225 miles from Chihuahua. Mexico City will then be visited and the meeting with President Diaz held.

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April 6, 1909


Will Reach Here From
New York This Week.

President A. E. Stilwell of the Orient and a party of English stockholders who recently arrived at New York city from Europe, are expected to reach Kansas City this week in order that they make the trip of inspection which is scheduled to begin Saturday, April 10. The party includes H. J. Chinnery and F. Hurdle.

Mr. Stilwell and his wife have been absent in Europe since last June and in that time he has enlisted Dutch, French and English capital for the completion of his road. Bonds to the amount of $3,000,000 have been placed in Holland, France and England and an order was recently given by the company for the steel with which to complete the gap bettween Sweetwater and San Angelo, Tex. E. E. Holmes, vice president of the United States and Mexican Trust Company, went to New York and conferreed with him soon after his arrival from Europe. A complete inspection of the line from Wichita, Kas., to Topolobampo on the Gulf of California will be made by the Stilwell party.

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April 2, 1909


Track Laying Which Brings Kansas
City in Direct Connection
to Begin Next Week.

An order for 8,200 tons of steel rails was given yesterday by the Mexican & Orient Railroad Company. The rails are to be used in the construction of a track to connect San Angelo and Sweetwater, Tex., a distance of seventy-seven miles. Work will be begun on the track construction the first of next week.

This new line of track will bring San Angelo in direct connection with Kansas City, eliminating the necessity of going around by way of Fort Worth, Tex., and shortening the distance approximately 200 miles. It also makes a continuous line from Wichita, Kas.

San Angelo is the center of the greatest cotton country in America. It is from this section that Kansas City and midwestern markets are supplied with early vegetables and fruits.

According to Edwin Dickinson, vice president and general manager of the road, this extension is only a forerunner of future extensions which propose to connect Kansas City with the Gulf of Mexico.

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December 1, 1908


Road to Be Opened to Sweetwater,
Tex., Within a Few Days.

President A. E. Stilwell of the Orient has announced that the Sweetwater gap in Texas will be closed within a few days, giving the road a stretch of 432 miles of track southwestward from Wichita. He says:

"The Sweetwater gap will be finished in the course of a few days. Our first important through connection was made with the Colorado & Southern at Chillicothe, Tex., during October, and five new stations opened. Earnings at once began to show an increase, and for October there were $113,000, the largest for any one month in the history of the railroad, and an increase of $32,000 over September. A through train service will be inaugurated about December 1. Wichita to Sweetwater, giving us in this one section 432 miles of connected track, and putting us in a position to do through business with the Colorado & Southern and Texas Pacific.

"In spite of the panic, we have during the past year laid 135 miles of track. We now plan to finish the track to San Angelo, giving us the business of one of the most important cities on the line, and affording a valuable connection with the Santa Fe road. All of the grading between Sweetwater and San Angelo is completed, and with the track completed to San Angelo, we will have 510 miles of track in one section.

"To aid us in this work, we have just sold in London $575,000 6 per cent five-year notes, and are offering the states $100,000 6 1/2 per cent two-year notes.

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October 1, 1908


Kansas City's New Railroad
Making Good Progress.

Chillicothe, Tex., is now the terminus of the Northern section of the Kansas City, Mexico & Orient railroad, which will eventually reach from Kansas City to Topolobambo, Mexico, on the Gulf of California. An extension of twenty miles from Elmer, Ok., across the Red river, by means of a recently completed bridge into Texas was finished last week and train service has been installed between Wichita and Chillicothe. A northern extension has been made on the section running northward from Sweetwater, Tex., to the new terminus at Crowell, Tex., thus leaving a gap of but twenty-three miles between Chillicothe and Crowell. When this gap is closed a line from Wichita, Kas., to Sweetwater, Tex., will have been completed and will be 535 miles in length. Construction is still being pushed forward on the remaining portions of the line on both sides of the Rio Grande.

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May 3, 1908


Owns Half Interest in Mexican Gold Concern.

EL PASO, TEX., May 2. -- (Special.) Arthur E. Stilwell of Kansas City, when in this city this week, paid $70,000 in making final payment of $300,000 for one-half interest in La Republica gold mine. Work will be started soon to double the capacity of the mill at the La Republica, Chihuahua, Mexico.

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October 13, 1907


Governor of One of Republic's States
Is in Kansas City.

General Francisco Canedo, governor of the state of Sinaloa, Mexico, is in the city, stopping at the Baltimore hotel. He arrived on Friday and expects to remain until tomorrow. Yesterday he was the guest of honor at a luncheon given by A. E. Stilwell. There were about a dozen local people present to honor the occasion of the visit of Governor Canedo and his secretary, Senor Juan Maldinado. Governor Canedo had been in the City of Mexico to be present at the national banquet given in honor of Secretary of State Elihu Root. He is taking the "long way 'round" to go his capital, by coming as far north as Kansas City. Yesterday morning was spent meeting with friends of Dr. J. Haff and A. E. Stilwell and in the afternoon there was a ride over the boulevard system. Today's programme is to be left to the suggestion of the moment.

Governor Canedo speaks no English. Dr. J. Haff acted as his interpreter yesterday. Mr. Haff said the government was immensely pleased with his visit, his observations of the American people, notably with the visit of the United States secretary of state.

"Great things are expected of Mr. Root's visit," said Mr. Haff, who, though a resident of Kansas City, is spending most of his time in Old Mexico now. "There has been a barrier between the republics. The advent of American capital made those people down there fear absorption. Mr. Root's disinterestedness reassured the Mexicans. They made much of him. Their White House was turned over to him because of his high office and the high sentiment he went to Mexico to express. The stables of the president and the service of the palace were put under his command. Every honor and distinction that could be accorded the president was accorded Mr. Root, and all for the purpose of emphasizing the fact that Mexico welcomes a friendly alliance with the United States.

Speaking of the progress of the bond of friendship and of commerce between the United States and Mexico, Dr. Haff said that English is being taught in the Mexican schools now.

"They are taking giant strides towards meeting us on common grounds," he said. "Not long ago a member of the judicial department was put at the head of the newly created department of education and Belle Lettres. The first act of this newly made minister was to have English taught in the Mexican schools. Whereas Americans formerly were looked upon with distrust, now they are welcomed. Kansas City is the best known of all American cities in the new Western mining district. St. Louis has the call in the south. This is because St. Louis has always had the advantage of a direct railway connection. The operation of the Stilwell line will put Kansas City on even terms with St. Louis and this center will be able to go after the trade of Mexico as it ought."

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September 17, 1907


Will Bring Boston Symphony Orches-
tra to Kansas City.

The Kansas City Oratorio Society had its first rehearsal at the Conservatory of Music auditorium last night. There were sixty voices present. Before leaving for Mexico yesterday A. E. Stilwell, president of the society, announced that he had arranged to bring to Kansas City on March 8 the well-known Symphony orchestra of Boston.

The plan was viewed with such general favor that it was later decided to make an effort to increase the voices of the society from sixty to 300 in the interim, the entire chorus to sing with the orchestra. The concert will probably be given at Convention hall.

The next rehearsal will be next Monday evening at the Conservatory auditorium.

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April 11, 1907


Officials and Stockholders of
Company Will Be in Party

Another Stilwell special will leave Kansas City for a trip over the Kansas City, Mexico & Orient railroad Saturday night. In the party will be A. E. Stilwell, president of the company; John Perry, of London, a member of the English finance committee of the road, and other officials and stockholders in the company.

The party will make an extended trip trough Mexico, inspecting the progress of construction work across the Sierra Madre mountains. The special will return to Kansas City April 27.

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