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There, Tige, old feller, listen now,
    Don't growl or fight; keep still,
Jist go along; I'll git you out,
    Oh, honest Tige, I will,
He sez two dollars is enough,
    I'll raise it, Tige, you bet,
So jist be good, old boy, an' wait --
    I've never quit you yet.

You know that dollar that we earned
    A-drivin' cows fer Joe?
I've got it yet an' half uv it
    Is your'n by rights, you know,
An' there's my rifle, 'member it?
    I'll sell it, Tige, to-day,
It cost four dollars an' it's worth
    A dollar, anyway.

I know the folks don't like you much,
    But, Tige, the folks ain't me,
You've been my friend fer three whole years,
    The best friend there cud be,
Jist let 'em take you, Tige, good bye
    I'll git you out, I vow,
I never yet have shook you, Tige,
    I ain't a-go'n' to now.

Verses by Bide Dudley

Pictures by H. Wood



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