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The Tantalizers.

They've got the derndest set uv boys
    At Scruggses, Bill an' Bert
Jest act as though they dearly love
    To do a feller dirt,
I never get to work, it seems,
    A-grubbin' with the hoe,
But what they get their fishin' poles,
    An' down the road they go.

To see them bobbins danglin' 'long
    Jest nigh on sets me wild,
But still them Scruggses never know
    That they have got me riled,
I give 'em jest one look uv scorn,
    An' grip onto my hoe,
But in my heart I'd give the world,
    If I could quit and go.

Them Scruggses know while Dad's on hand,
    That here I'm bound to be,
An' yet they come clean out their way
    To rub it in on me,
Some day when them two grins at me,
    At work an' out uv breath,
I'm either goin' fishin' er
   I'll beat them kids to death.

Verses by Bide Dudley

Pictures by H. Wood



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