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Mother's Cussing Cure

'Twus years ago when I was young,
   But still, I can't forget
The cussin' cure that mother had,
   The taste seems with me yet,
The treatment -- did it bring results?
   Well, I should rather hope!
I'm talkin' 'bout how mother used,
   To wash our mouths with soap

She never scolded us at all,
   When me an' Dan 'ud cuss,
She'd simply say, "You boys, come here."
   It did no good to fuss,
She'd hold us 'round the neck in turn,
   An' then the soap she'd take,
An' wash our mouths, an,' holy smoke!
   The faces that we'd make.

Now mother ain't been here for years,
   But still, when things go wrong,
An' I get mad an' cuss, that cure
   Comes back, yes, good an' strong,
I seem to hear her say, "Come here,"
   Once more I scowl an' mope,
An' then in mem'ry mother seems
   To wash my mouth with soap.


Verses by Bide Dudley

Pictures by H. Wood


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