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She's sleepin' now; pore little thing,
    Her breath's a-comin' deep;
To me there's somethin' holy in
    A little baby's sleep,
She'll hardly know, in years to come,
    The loss that she has had;
Her dad is left, but mother love
    Can hardly come frum Dad.

It seems to me she's cried so much
    She's kep' herself awake,
An' ev'ry little baby sob,
    Has made my old heart ache,
I'm carin' fer her now while Gabe
    Is restin; he ain't fer
We've took our turns fer near a week,
    A-watchin' over her.

I only wisht her grandma wus
    Still here to calm her fears;
But what's the use of wishin'? she's
    Been gone 'most 'leven years,
We'll watch the child as best we can,
    She's all in all to Gabe,
The Lord seen fit to take Kate off,
    He'll not desert her babe.

Verses by Bide Dudley

Pictures by H. Wood



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