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Mom's Achin' Tooth.

Last Tuesday noon when Mom come home
    Frum sewin' circle work,
She had a tooth that now an' then
  'Ud give a awful jerk.
Pop, sympathizin', sez, "Pore thing,
    It hurts you I've no doubt,
Here mother, let me get a string,
    I'll pull the old tooth out."

'Most always Mom would make a kick
    When Pop sez anything,
But this wuz onct she didn't an'
    She let him pull the string.
Well, hully gee!  Mom give a yell,
    An' started straight fer Pop,
Pop had the string wound 'round his thumb,
    An' couldn't let it drop.

Well, Pop stepped sideways 'round the room
    In reg'lar turkey style,
At last he got the string unwound,
    An' went outside a while.
Now Mom's still got the tooth, an' say --
    She treats Pop awful cool,
She sez some day she'll have it pulled,
    But not by no darn fool.

Verses by Bide Dudley

Pictures by H. Wood



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