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Here, Tige, come here, ole feller, here,
    You'll understand somehow,
They've took her off, an' you an' me
    Ain't got no mother now.
I'm 'fraid we'll miss her awful, Tige,
    She's gone fer good, ole man,
We'll have to take an' git along
   The best way that we can.

You're go'n to miss that plate uv bones
    She give you day by day,
Fer, 'ceptin' me an' her, the folks
    Said you wuz in the way;
You're go'n' to miss her pettin', too,
    Fer Mom sure was yer friend;
I'm go'n' to miss her, Tige, too much
    Fer you to comprehend.

Sis sez to try hard not to cry;
    That she'll take care uv me,
But that ain't it; it ain't the care --
    I'm lonesome as can be.
If Mom was only here agin,
    I wouldn't care whot came.
We won't fergit her -- will we, Tige?
    We'll love her jist the same.

Verses by Bide Dudley

Pictures by H. Wood



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