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Licking the Bowl

When lookin' back, say twenty years,
   A picture comes to mind,
Which in my eye beats any work
   Uv art you'd ever find,
I see a kitchen; mother there,
   Fer cake a-mixin' dough,
I see two boys a-hangin' 'round,
   To "lick the bowl," you know.

I see the picture changin' now:
   The dough is in the pan,
An' mother's passed the mixin' bowl
   To me and brother Dan;
I see us scrapin' with our spoons,
   An' lickin' 'em in haste,
Each one a-tryin' hard to get
   Most uv the sweetened paste.

The picture as I see it is
   A pleasure to recall;
It 'minds me uv my boyhood days,
   The gladdest days uv all;
It don't belong to me alone,
   The folks, I'll bet, are few,
Who, glancin' back into the years,
   Can't see that picture, too.

Verses by Bide Dudley Pictures by H. Wood



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