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I'm go'n' to take an' run away,
    Yes, sir, I'm go'n' to skip,
They ain't no law to make me stay
    Fer that there man to whip,
I'll run away to war an' get
    Killed fightin' if I can,
An' when he sees me dead I'll bet
    He'll be a sorry man.

He had no right to lick me so,
    Fer doin' what I did,
I'll bet he smoked pipes years ago,
    When he was just a kid.
Perhaps I'll get him put in jail,
    That there 'ud cook his goose,
I'd make him beg an' weep an' wail,
    Before I'd turn him loose.

If I don't go to war an' die,
    I'll rise to fame and then
He'll feel ashamed to think how I
    Wus licked when I wus ten,
I'm go'n' to take an' run away,
    I am -- jist wait an' see,
I don't care what he'll have to say
    His home's no place fer me.

Verses by Bide Dudley

Pictures by H. Wood



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