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There now, 'Mandy; quit yer grievin',
    You're a-pinin' -- yes you air,
I kin see it; seein's b'lievin'.
    Where's that smile you used to wear?
You air tryin' hard to bear it
    An' be brave; that's plain to see.
Better let your daddy share it;
    You're the world an' all to me.

'Tain't fer me to mean to scold you,
    That ain't what I want to do.
True, he hadn't ought a-told you
    All that 'bout a love fer you,
But, perhaps, it's really better
     That he wed the girl frum town,
Some day you'll be glad he met her,
    An' then took an' turned you down.

Yes, I know yer heart's a-breakin',
    But yer grievin', 'Mandy, dear,
Gives my own a double achin',
    Worst I've had in twenty year,
Let old mem'ry scenes go flittin',
    Don't be pinin' 'way fer him;
There now, 'Mandy, try fergittin',
    Time ull bring another Jim.

Verses by Bide Dudley

Pictures by H. Wood



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