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Some girls is 'bout the derndest things
    That I have ever saw.
There's Susie Green; she seems to be
    a funny one frum taw.
She lets that Archie, sissie kid,
    buzz 'round her like a bee.
Now, whot that girl kin see in him,
    Is more than I kin see.

Why, he ain't got no sand at all,
    The fellers call him "Sweet,"
He never goes out barefooted,
    The girls might see his feet.
His legs is simply spindleshanks,
    He's got an ugly nose.
I can't see why she likes that kid,
    It's them there curls, I s'pose.

Perhaps if I should bring her things,
    Like flowers ev'ry day,
She'd like me, too, but Gee! the gang
    'Ud take me fer a jay.
I guess some day when school is out,
    I'll take that sissy kid
An' knock the stuffin' out uv him,
    Where she kin see I did.

Verses by Bide Dudley

Pictures by H. Wood



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