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Consoling the Invalid.

Hello, Jimmy!  How you feelin'?
    Here's an apple, Jim, frum Ted,
Poor ole Rover's ben a-squealin'
    Fer you sence you ben in bed,
All the gang is in a hurry
    Fer you to get out agin,
They sent word, Jim, not to worry,
    Bill sez grit yer teeth an' grin.

Will we play ball?  Well, you bet you!
    You'll get strong an' jist be fine,
We'll be doggone glad to get you,
    You're still captain uv the nine.
Circus comin' an' it's sure one
    That you're go'n' to go an' see;
That un last week wus a poor one,
    It wus bum ez it cud be.

What we ben a-doin'? Listen --
    It's ben too darn cold to swim.
Fishin'? Naw, you ain't ben missin'
    Hardly nothin'; honest, Jim,
Don't feel bad.  I'll bet a dollar
    You'll be out soon feelin' great,
When you're well, gee! won't we holler!
    Bet yer life, Jim! you jist wait.

Verses by Bide Dudley

Pictures by H. Wood



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