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A Church Soliloquy.

By Joe! he's startin' in agin
    That preacher makes me sick;
I'm wastin' time in church; the kids
    Are swimmin' in the crick,
I wisht I had some gum to chew,
    Er paper wads to throw,
Ef I cud pop that old maid onct,
    Things wouldn't be so slow.

I'd like to steal a little nap,
    Like Uncle Jimmy Worth,
That fly's a-settin' on his nose,
    Jest like it owned the earth.
I'll bet a fly has lots uv fun
    In church ef it jest tries;
Although the preacher makes me sore,
    He does good fer flies.

I'd like to be the President,
   I wouldn't never let
No parents bring their kids to church,
    On that there you cud bet,
My father sez church saves yer soul,
    An' makes you well-behaved,
I'd ruther wait 'bout twenty years,
    Before I get mine saved.

Verses by Bide Dudley Pictures by H. Wood



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