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Published in the Kansas City Journal of Commerce
February 18, 1870

     Yesterday the examination of Jennie Redman, alias "Wicked Jenny," for complicity with Isaac Forbes in the murder of Dave Tipton in a house of ill fame on the Levee was commenced before Justice of the Peace, E. B. Cravens.  R. L. Yeager, County Attorney, appeared for the State.  The prisoner was ably defended by H. P. White.  The first witness called was H. B. Taylor, who being duly sworn  deposes and says:  Am physician by profession; reside in Kansas City, Mo.; attended one D. Tipton; was called to see him about 11 o'clock P. M.,  on last Saturday night; I found him at a saloon on the Levee, east of Grand Avenue; he had three wounds from a pistol or gunshot; first cracks the skull dividing scalp about two inches on left side of head; the second was between the orbit and ear; the next wound was on the front ant outer part of the left arm; the last ball passed into the lungs; it is my opinion that the last wound described was the occasion of Tipton death; the clothing had been torn so that I could not see the entrance of the ball; the party shot must have had his left side towards the party shooting, and the parties must have occupied the same position when each of the other shots was fired.  The patient died on Monday night.

     John Shackford was then called.  Being duly sworn, he deposed as follows:

     "On Saturday night I was at the Sherman House on the Levee.  Jennie Redman come to the house on that evening and tried to raise a fuss with the inmates of the ho use.  She could raise no fuss with the inmates, and she then went away, saying she would get even with all in the house.  She remained away about one hour and a half.  When she returned, she came with Isaac Forbes and Jams Anderson.  She pointed me out to Forbes.  A fight then occurred between me and Forbes, Forbes assaulting me.  Tipton then pulled Forbes off of me.  Forbes drew a revolver from his pocket and fired at Tipton as he was going out of the door.  Jennie Redman caught Tipton at the door and held him, and told Forbes to shoot the s-- of a b----!  She then pulled a knife from her sleeve and said, if any man or women went for a police officer, she would kill them.  She struck with the knife at one of the inmates, but did not hit her. She remarked when leaving the house, she had  helped Forbes through the fight.

     As the day was well advanced when the testimony of this witness was concluded,, the Court adjourned, and the prisoner was remanded to jail.  The examination will be resumed this morning at the same place.

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