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Published in the Kansas City Journal of Commerce
February 1, 1870

     The names of the men who have been honored by elevation to the Chief Executive office of our city, must necessarily prove of interest to our citizens.  The following will show who have filled that office, their nativity, and such other facts of interest in regard to them as we have been able to gather.  For such of the information here contained,, we are indebted to the courtesy of our City Clerk, Mell. H. Hudson, Esq.  we also wish to return thanks to Alderman Wolf, Auditor O'Brien and other gentlemen for favors received.

     Prior to 1853, the town was unincorporated, but in that year the Legislature passed the act of incorporation creating the City of Kansas, and at the election held immediately thereafter, William S. Gregory was elected Mayor of Kansas City, being the first to hold that office.  Mr. Gregory is a native of Kentucky, at the time of his election, a Whig.  He is now engaged in the wholesale grocery trade in  this city.

     In 1854 Dr. J. Lykins was elected to the Mayoralty.  The Doctor was elected as a Democrat.  He is a native of Indiana, and is still a resident of our city.

     The next election for May or, held in 1855, resulted in the election of John Johnson.  Mr. Johnson was a Democrat, and an Englishman by birth.  He has since removed to Leavenworth.

     The election of 1856 resulted in the elevation to the Mayoralty of Mr. J. Payne.  Mr. Payne was, we believe, connected with the firm of Northrup & Cick.  He now resides in a fine mansion on the Westport road.  He retained the office until 1850.

     In 1859 G. M. B. Maughs was elected Mayor.  Mr. Maughs is a native of Virginia, and was engaged in the practice of medicine.  He afterwards entered the Confederate service.  He is now, we believe, connected as Professor, with a medical institute at St. Louis.

     R .T. Van Horn succeeded Maughs in 1860.  Mr. Van Horn was then connected with the Journal.  He was subsequently major of the 13th Missouri regiment (Union) and was for a time stationed here.  Col. Van Horn now represents this district in the National councils.

     In 1862 M. J. Payne was again re-elected mayor -- this time as a Republican.  In 1863 Wm. Bonnifield, a Democrat, was elected mayor.  Mr. Bonnifield has since removed to Kansas.  Mr. Bonnifield was succeeded in 1864 by Col. Van Horn, who only held the office for a short time, resigning to serve his country's cause, then menaced by the slaveholders' rebellion. 

     Patrick Shannon was elected to fill the vacancy caused by Col. Van Horn's resignation.  Mr. Shannon is a native of Ireland, and has resided in our city since 1855.  He was at the time of his election to the mayoralty, a successful dry goods merchant.  He still continues in the business.  Mr. Shannon was re-elected in 1865.  He was a war Democrat in politics.  In 1866 A. L. Harris was elected mayor.  Mr. Harris is a native of Missouri and has resided here since 1857.  He has been engaged in the liquor business and now holds the office of deputy sheriff.  Mr. Harris is a Democrat.

     The election of 1867 resulted in the election of Edward H. Allen as mayor.  Mr. Allen is a Republican, and now holds the position of Vice President of the First National bank of this city.  In 1868 Mayor Harris was re-elected.

     In 1869 F. R. Long -- our present mayor -- was elected to the office he now holds.  Mr. Long is a native of Kentucky, in politics a Democrat, and has resided here since 1832.  Mr. Long is interested in banking pursuits and is a director of the German Savings Association of this city.

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