The Trial of Jesse James, Jr. ~ The Son of an Outlaw Stands Accused ~ New Book about the Son of Jesse James


Jesse James, Jr.: Son of the notorious bandit Jesse James, who grew up working hard to support his widowed mother and fatherless sister; he finds himself arrested and facing trial for a daring train robbery.

Frank James: Once an outlaw with a price tag of $20,000 on his head, Frank James was at this point acquitted of all crimes, and a respected citizen of St. Louis.  He drops everything to stay by his nephew's side throughout the trial.

James A. Reed: The man leading the prosecution of Jesse James Jr., Mr. Reed would soon after become the Mayor of Kansas City, and later a United States Senator.

Thomas T. Crittenden, Jr.: Son of the governor who signed what would become the death warrant of the outlaw Jesse James, Tom Crittenden took Jesse James, Jr., under his wing at a young age and believed in his innocence.

Del Harbaugh: A railroad detective who will stop at nothing to put Jesse James, Jr. behind bars

William Lowe: The confessed train robber who points the finger at Jesse James, Jr.

Charles Polk: Grandson of a governor, related to a US President, and friend of Jesse James, Jr., who sits behind bars while his wife is lying on her deathbed.

Zerelda James Samuels: Mother of Frank and Jesse James, grandmother of the accused Jesse James, Jr., who claimed to be with her grandson on the night of the robbery

and a large cast of interesting notables...


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