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Illustrated Poems about the
Places We Love


Kansas City's Cliff Drive


These Cliffs overlooked the river,
Long before white man came along.
Red man with his bow and quiver,
Danced and wildly chanted his war song.
He would drink of healing water,
Coming from the spring, so cool and clear;
Also hunted deer and otter;
Little did he dream what would be here.

Each new curve brings you reviewing
Beauty as it was in days gone by.
Trees in spring are life renewing,
And you hear the many wild birds cry.
Rows of lamps at night are lighting
Pathways for the cars that seem alive
Kansas City is inviting
You to come and see our famous drive.

--Wallace List.



Wind along its curving way
At each bend Nature spreads
New beauty, new scenes, pictures
Painted by the hand of God.
Look down: a profuse growth,
Natural blooms, the sun glinting
Through open branches of tall trees.
Look up: sheer precipices of rock,
Flowers in abundance in nooks and crannies,
Over all flourishing trees with roots
Entwined in crevices firmly
Withstanding the storms of ages.
Behold! Kansas City's most beautiful
Drive:  Cliff Drive.

--J. R. Hammond.

Cliff Drive Fountain, Kansas City, Mo.


Springing from a cliff up yonder
       That the ages seem to know,
Is a cool and crystal fountain
       Gushing forth in purest flow.

Many tourists stop, refreshing
       Thirsty lips and heart and soul
From the ever running water
       Over Cliff Drive's ample bowl.

Having drunk its vital substance
       To the toast of "Better Health!"
One has left a cup the fuller
       In a treasure trove of wealth.

Fill the jugs and carry with you,
       Plenty more to wend its way
From a place we never dreamed of,
       To the cliff, from day to day.

--Grace Gladman Orme.



Along the drive we stroll as in a dream
       And vision beauty it were vain to tell,
Where limestone bluffs above the valley seem
       Like ramparts of an ivied citadel.
At every turn, new vistas greet our eyes
And give the visitor a new surprise.

Below, the river slips along the sands;
     Beyond the valley, hills sky-wide and dim
Are calling us to join the gypsy bands
      That hurry to the far horizon rim.
Along the Drive the shattered rainbows nod
       From early violets to golden rod.

Safe hide-aways for every hunted thing
       Are in the crannies by the shady Drive;
And trees in dignity are furnishing
       A shrine where mystic beauty is alive,
And when Cliff is touched with Autumn flame
It seems a temple to the Holy Name.

--Clifford H. Nowlin.


Highlights of Kansas City ~ Poems about the Places We Love


Illustrated Poems about the
Places We Love

Copyright 1945 by Mrs. G. L. Fullington.


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