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The Goetz Brewery in 1859
The Goetz Brewery in 1870
The Goetz Brewery in 1880
   Etched across nine decades which trace America's history from Pony Express to Airliners is a story of progress by the M. K. Goetz Brewing Company.
   Of course, the latest chapter in the unending chronicle of the Goetz brewery is the most brilliant chapter.  This spring of 1950, the brewery announced its new discovery, "flavor-blended" Country Club Beer.  "flavor-blended" Country Club Beer is a decade ahead of its time.  It is not the mere blending of two ordinary brews.  It is the joining of two completely finished beers into one superlative product with an entirely new flavor.
   But the history of the brewery began back in 1859 in St. Joseph, Missouri.  That was one year before the first Pony Express rider galloped from Old St. Joe toward the Golden West.  So well accepted was the beer which Michael Karl Goetz, the company founder, produced in his tiny brewery that its fame spread through Kansas City and the West and by 1870 the first physical expansion of the brewery had been completed.  By 1880 another expansion had been made.
   And then came the Gay Nineties.  The high-wheel bike, ladies in full skirt and bustle, magnificent horses straining at giant wagons and the driver with his prized sun umbrella ... such was the Gay Nineties.  More expansion for the Goetz brewery.
   And then the turn of the century. The tempo of progress stirred that new era.  The automobile with its headlights had excited eager imaginations which so recently thrilled to the bicycle built for two.  Jangly trolleys and splendid draught horses criss-crossed the scene.  The brewery at St. Joseph continued to grow.
   And then the prosperous twenties.  The era of the flapper and Prohibition.  That was the flamboyant backdrop for the period of the most dramatic growth in the history of the M. K. Goetz Brewing Company.  Thus the expression "More Than 90 Years of Continuous Brewing" is no idle statement.  With many breweries shut down during Prohibition, the Goetz brewery turned its facilities to producing Goetz Pale, America's old-time favorite, the most famous near-beer ever brewed.
   Then in 1936, after repeal, another Goetz brewery was built at Kansas City.  Together the Goetz breweries at St. Joseph and Kansas City now brew the Country Club Beer for distribution from the Mississippi to the West Coast and from Canada to the Rio Grande.

The M. K. Goetz Brewing Company St. Joseph Plant
St. Joe

The M. K. Goetz Brewing Company Kansas City Plant
Kansas City

M. K. Goetz Brewing Company in 1890
M. K. Goetz Brewing Company in 1910
The Goetz Brewery in 1936

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