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WE TAKE pleasure in announcing that our Telegraph Department is in charge of a thoroughly competent Instruction, who has had years of experience as a railroad and Commercial Telegrapher.

     The Telegraph room is elegantly fitted up.  all the furniture is of hard wood, the long tables being divided by glass partitions.  The equipment consists of twenty-seven regular line Instruments of the latest pattern, Switch-boards, Relays, Battery-cases, Typewriters, etc.

     The Course of Study consists of Telegraphy, Typewriting, Grammar, Spelling, Penmanship, and Station Agent Work in our Business Department, where the Students ship and receive Goods by Freight, send Telegrams, etc.

          We wish to have it distinctly understood that we do not teach Telegraphy merely from books, but from actual experience, and teach exactly what is needed in every-day Railroad and Commercial Work.

     Our Students are taught to handle Train Orders, and all kinds of Commercial Work, as well as to perform all the duties of a Station Agent, such as making Way Bills, Bills of Lading, Expense Bills, etc., such as are now in use on all standard Railroads.  Our Students are also taught to take the Message from the Instrument on the Typewriter, which system is now in use in all large Cities.  "Machine"  Operators always receive the largest salaries.


In addition to the thorough and practical instruction received in Telegraphy, Typewriting, Grammar, and Spelling, each Student in this Department is required to serve as Telegraph Operator in the three Offices of the Commercial Telegraph Company, and as Agent in the two Freight Offices of the Business College Railorad.  In these Offices are found the forms generally used by Telegraph and Railroad Companies.  In the Freight Offices, Sets of Railroad Books are used.  Hence, it will be seen that our Students, in addition to receiving thorough and practical instruction in Telegraphy and other Branches, are also given actual practice in Office Work, such as cannot be found in any other similar School in the West.


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