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The Shorthand Room is 34x39 feet in size, comfortably seats 105 Students, and contains all the furniture, blackboards, electric bells, speaking tubes, etc., of a model School Room.  The Type-
writing Room is 21x28 feet in size, is elegantly fitted up, and supplied with forty-five Typewriters, consisting of Smith Premiers, Remingtons, Jewetts, and Densmores, also with a Mimeograph, Letter Press, Graphophone, etc.  Both of these rooms are well lighted, and ventilated by large windows on two sides, and are fully and elegantly equipped with every needed convenience that can contribute to the health and comfort of Students.

Correct Position

The Course of Study includes Shorthand, Typewriting, Spelling, Penmanship, Grammar, Correspondence, Punctuation, Manifolding, use of Mimeograph, Letter Press, Indexing, and Actual Office Practice in the College Office, and the different Offices in the Business Department.
     In deciding what System to adopt the Student who desires to take up the study of shorthand should choose one which has been proved by the success of its writers to be capable of reaching the highest point in speed and accuracy to be attained in Stenographic Art  the System of Shorthand taught in this College is Dment's Pitmanic Shorthand, which is without doubt the best elucidation of Pitman Shorthand in use to-day.  It is constructed on the same basis as the Ben Pitman and Graham Systems; but it varies from both in the ease with
which it may be learned, the rapidity with which it may be written, and the readines with which the notes are read.  It is extensively used throughout the United States.  It has come to be known as the swift, safe, sure Shorthand, easy to learn, easy to write, easy to read. 

Miss Anna Lipscomb

     The author of this Text-book stands without a peer, the fastest Shorthand writer in the world, thereby proving the excellence of this System.
     Experienced, earnest, energetic Teachers throughout the Faculty, insure the best methods in all Departments.  In the Shorthand Department great care

Miss Laura E. Davis

is exercised to the end that the Student may acquire only the best habits of work and be able to discharge his duties as an amaneunsis, with ease and pleasure to himself and satisfaction to his employer.

     Special attention is given to instruction  upon the Typewriter by the "Touch System."   The instruction being carried along on the most approved scientific principles, to the end that our Students may acquire an even, rapid, accurate method of Typewriting.  This especially is to be considered in view of the fact that many otherwise good Stenographers fail to obtain renumerative positions,  because of their inability to satisfactorily transcribe their notes.  Carbon and Letter

Press Copying, Dictation direct on the Machine, Mimeographing and Filing are included in this Course.  In addition to these advantages, our Students have the opportunity of practice int he various Offices of our Actual Business Department, and in the  College Offices, which, together with the improved methods employed, give them the speed, accuracy and confidence, that usually come only as a result of years of actual experience.

     From the first to the last day of the Student's attendance, Spelling, Punctuation, and English Training are given close attention.  They are presented in the form of recitiations, talks, discussions, and the correction of Typewritten work.

     The work is made extremely interesting for the reason that it is made most practical.  Dry technical discussions have no place in the Course.


As our policy has always been and always will be a progressive one, and as we are always first to give our Students the benefit of every new and practical method of Teaching, we have introduced a Graphophone in our Typewriting Department.  While the Graphophone can never take the place of Shorthand, yet many large Houses in this and other Cities are using it with good results.  Stenographers who can take Graphophone dictation can secure good positions.  No extra charge is made for Graphophone instruction.
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