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Vulcanizing and Tire Repair

     Probably one of the greatest sources of trouble to the average motor car owner is his tires.
     On account of the war, tire prices have jumped until today the tire of average size costs a great deal more than it did a few years ago.
     This means that a man is going to have his tires repaired just as long as they will possibly stand repairs, because he does not want to go to the expense of buying new ones.
     In my big tire department I teach vulcanizing and all branches of tire work.
     Many of my students after leaving the school, put in vulcanizing plants and specialize in tire work, and they make big money doing it.
     The field is not overcrowded, because there is probably more tire repair work than any other kind of automobile repair work, and any repairman who claims to know his business, must be able to make any kind of a tire repair and make it quickly and do it correctly.
     There are today approximately 2,000,000 automobiles in actual daily use.  This means that there are 8,000,000 tires in use.  When you stop to think of this enormous number of tires, you can easily see why there is so much vulcanizing and tire work to be done by the average automobile repair shop.
     By actual tests made in one of our big garages, we find that a big percentage of cars which come in during the day come on account of tire trouble, and the repair must be made quickly and at once and at a low cost; the result is that the trained man gets the business.
     In our tire department we teach you all kinds of vulcanizing, all the different methods which are in daily use.
We also teach you tread work, how to repair blow-outs, vulcanize, put in new parts, in fact, we practically teach you the entire tire business.
     Tire repairs are one of the greatest sources of profit that nay repair shop has, but a man must be an expert in order to make money making tire repairs.
     If you expect to hold a position in any repair shop as an automobile expert, you must know all about tire trouble, the quickest and most effective way to repair them.
     Now-a-days there is a great deal of retreading done and you must know this thoroughly as well.
     Tube repairs are very simple, but like lots of other simple things, you must know how to do them correctly and properly in order to hold your position as an expert automobile man.
     My tire department is equipped with all the machinery 
 necessary and you are given practical training and experience in actually making repairs on tires. You are taught how to do vulcanizing, repairing inner tubes, retreading; in fact, all about tires and tire construction.
     Another thing, this course of training enables you when you open and run your won garage and repair shop to select the best kind of tires for use in your particular territory, as you know there is a wide difference in tires and their purpose, and the man who has had this course of practice and training here in my school knows how to select the right kind of tires for any kind of car which is to be put to any particular use.
     This is another reason why so many men travel such long distances to reach this school, because it is internationally known as the one big practical training school.





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