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Driving and Chauffeur Work

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Driving is more than making a car run.  The expert driver must make his car run under any and all conditions; he must know how to get the most  power out of his motor with the least expenditure of gasoline; he must know how to handle a car over all kinds of roads in order to save tires and save wear and tear on his engine.
     When driving in the city he must know all the traffic regulations, at the speeds at which he is allowed to run, the rights of other drivers.
     When driving in the country, he must be able to make light repairs and make them quickly and correctly.
     Our course in driving instruction is as complete as it is possible to make it.
     All of our students are taught all of the above essentials; they are taught to handle all kinds of cars, from little runabouts up to big touring cars.  They are put through a regular course of instruction with competent driving instructors.
     Some schools take their students out a few times.  They are allowed to watch the instructor handle a car and are expected to pick up what information they can in this way.  However, in this school, in the driving department the same as in every other department, you are required to do the real work on the cars themselves until finally, before you
 are allowed to leave this work, you take these cars out yourself, while the instructor watches very carefully how you handle the car to see whether you have mastered the work. You may think it strange that we are so particular about driving instruction when most schools give it very little attention, but we believe that a great majority of the accidents that occur are due solely to the ignorance of the drivers.
     For driving cars we have modern, up-to-date cars; cars that we have gone right out into the open market and purchased with real money.  These cars are of different makes, sizes and types.  We have different kinds, because we want you to become familiar with the driving of all kinds of cars.  Our students, after finishing the course, can drive any car on the market; that is why they make such a big success as demonstrators, drivers, repairmen, salesmen, etc.  And remember -- you learn to drive by actual driving experience, right out on the boulevards of Kansas City and the fine rock roads surrounding it.
     It isn't a question of cost with me, but "Can the man make good after he gets through;" and I know that if he will come in here and take hold that he can't help but make good and that he can do the things I say and can earn the big money I tell him he can.

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