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     Kansas City is rapidly coming to be recognized as a great center in art as in commerce.  She is making strides so rapidly that a summing up of her achievements today would tomorrow be inadequate.
   The Kansas City Symphony Orchestra, Carl Bush, conductor, founded only a few years ago, enjoys a  tremendous popularity  with the public, and is fast developing into one of the truly great orchestras of the country.  This orchestra will continue its regular series of concerts, presenting programs of the highest order, which are of inestimable value to the music student.
     The Kansas City Grand Opera Company, fostered by the Kansas City Conservatory of Music, presents each  year a week of grand opera.
     Two string quartettes, the Shostac Quartette and the Philharmonic Quartette, furnish an abundance of chamber music.
     Kansas City is known among managers and artists as one city where a good audience may be depended upon.  As a result, the greatest European and American artists visit the city, and the cost of course tickets to the different series of concerts is surprisingly low.
     In the last few years the opera companies from Chicago, Montreal, Boston and New Orleans have played repeated engagements in Kansas City and always to record audiences.
    All of which gives Kansas City the assurance of continued visits from the great artists and musical organizations.
     During the season of 1915-1916 the following celebrated artists and organizations, in addition to a host of less known ones, have appeared in Kansas City:

Minneapolis Symphony
New York Symphony
New York Philharmonic
Zoelllner Quartette
Frieda Hempel
Ignace Paderwski
Boston Opera Company
San Carlo Grand Opera
Marie Kaiser

Mr. and Mrs. Ossip
Fritz Kreisler
Mischa Elmen
Alice Nielsen
Anna Case
Lambert Murphy
Evan Williams
Emmy Destinn
Louise Homer
Charles W. Clark
Merle Alcock
Earnest R. Kroeger
Russian Ballet

Anna Pavlowa
Pablo Casals
Paul Reimers
Cecil Fanning
Josef Hoffman
Geraldine Farrar
Reinald Warrenrath
Marie Sundelius
Arthur Shattuck
Albert Spaulding
Wilhelm Middleschulte
Cornelius Van Vliet

     Students in the Speech Arts department will find in Kansas City numerous opportunities to observe and come in contact with the work of the best artists, actors and public speakers of the country.
     Numerous dramas of high literary excellence, which have received the approval of the Drama League and the dramatic world, have come to Kansas City with the same cast of characters as have appeared in New York, Chicago and other large centers.

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