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     The HORNER INSTITUTE OF FINE ARTS again directs its appeal to those who believe that the serious study of the fine arts is one of the greatest forces in the development of American life and ideals.  In conjunction with the highest artistic instruction the students of this school are imbued with the ideal of service to their fellowmen.  The commercial element enters into its conduct only in so far as necessary to make the institution self-supporting.
     The motive of the school, primarily, is to furnish a complete equipment to all who seriously desire to make some branch of art a profession.  Others may come to us, and if they have the means to study the fine arts for cultural advancement they will be encouraged to remain for that purpose.  If the study involves a great sacrifice on the part of parents or student they will be advised to devote their time to some other work.  Students of this institution, in all cases, are truthfully advised as to the probable limits of their development, even though this frequently means an immediate monetary loss to the school.
     It is believed that the consistent application of this new principle has been largely responsible for the phenomenal growth of the school in the two years of its existence.  At the time of going to the press the second year's enrollment numbered four hundred and thirty-nine different students, of which number one hundred and thirty-eight  had been previously active in the profession.  The entire enrollment of the summer school is to be added to this year's figures.
     That this school is fulfilling a mission in the community is evidenced by the fact that the great awakening of the musical life in Kansas City has been due in large measure to the activities of the HORNER INSTITUTE OF FINE ARTS and its faculty.  President Charles F. Horner came to the rescue of the Kansas City Symphony Orchestra when it was in dire need.  He personally sponsored and managed the series of so-called Popular Concerts of the Orchestra in Convention Hall, which were attended by many thousands of persons.  This led to the establishing of the great Kansas City Symphony Chorus of which Mr. Earl Rosenberg is conductor.  The chorus has been the sensation of the musical season in its appearances in the Popular Concerts of the Orchestra as also in its own Convention Hall concert with Alice Nielsen as principal soloist.

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