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     It is the purpose of the HORNER INSTITUTE OF FINE ARTS  to produce musicians of the highest standard of efficiency, to develop a broad and generous musicianship, which does not over-estimate the value of virtuosity alone.  The Institute aims to discover and bring out the best in a student's musical nature, to encourage and foster the natural musical powers to their mature development.  Every effort is made to inspire the student with a love for the beautiful in music literature.
     Students of the HORNER INSTITUTE OF FINE ARTS are impressed from the beginning with the fact that nothing worthy to be recognized as artistic accomplishment can be acquired except through consecutive years of conscientious effort.  The aim of education in the fine arts is not alone to produce artists and teachers, but in all students, to develop the imagination, to drill the mind, and, in a more specific sense, to impart that technical knowledge which enlarges the capacity for appreciation and thus raises the cultural standards of the nation.
     The students of a fine arts school very naturally divide themselves into two classes -- those studying for a professional purpose and those studying purely for the attainment of culture.
     Students who are studying for professional purposes at the HORNER INSTITUTE OF FINE ARTS are encouraged to develop their gifts along all lines in order that they may become artists rather than mere virtuosi.  The fact that a considerable proportion of the students of this school are or have been in professional work is a great advantage to younger students who through this association acquire a truly professional viewpoint.
     Students who are studying for cultural purposes, who have the means to do so, are urged to take up, in addition to their major studies, such branches of the theory of art as will develop their appreciation and increase their value to the community.  
     Many students are ambitious, but are not endowed with sufficient natural ability ever to enter the professional field.  Such will be advised to pursue their art studies for the satisfaction of personal development and attainment.  In cases, however, where a financial sacrifice is involved, students of moderate gifts will be urged to turn their attention to some line of work for which they are better fitted.
     The tragedies of the art world come from the practice of schools and teachers of encouraging students to work for a career for which they are manifestly unfitted.  The teachers of the HORNER INSTITUTE OF FINE ARTS have been and will be perfectly frank with students, and in all cases will advise them with absolute honesty.
     Strict adherence to these principles, without regard to financial effect, makes it possible for us to maintain an exceptionally high standard.  The very fact that a student remains for a considerable length of time at the HORNER INSTITUTE OF FINE ARTS is in itself indication of  some talent, and in the course of a few years will be recognized as prima facie evidence of natural gifts and seriousness of purpose.  Bu this very honesty toward students and parents we wish to make an appeal to all classes of people who admire strictly honorable business methods.

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