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Diseases Peculiar to Women.

     The past century has been a marvel of progress in art and science, and especially so, in the Science of Medicine.  Every branch of medicine has been leavened with the yeast of progress, but perhaps no single branch has gained so much as that pertaining to the diseases of women.  The sufferers from these diseases are no longer the victims of a hap-hazard, unsuccessful course of treatment, but instead, the true conception and cause has been found.  Ovarian Cysts are now removed with a far less percentage of mortality than any other capital operation.  The discovery of abscess and pus in the fallopian tubes have their complete relieve.  Uterine Cancer, the presence of which until lately, signed the death warrant of the sufferer, is now treated with such immediate results as to surpass the most sanguine expectations.  Chronic Catarrh of the lining of the membrane of the womb (endometriosis), formerly so intractable, now yields to the nimble use of the curette, followed by gauze packing.

     Tears in the mouth of the womb are no  longer mistaken for ulceration, but repaired by a simple operation, restoring to health many an invalid and lessening greatly the danger of Cancer of the Womb.

     Complete tears of the external genitals caused by child birth rarely fail to yield to measures adopted for their repair.

     The Rest Cure, as used at my Sanitarium, has prevented many a woman from being a nervous wreck.  It has been found that excessive flooding is not always due to a change of life, as formerly supposed, but comes, as is known now, from cancer, polypi, fibroid tumors and fungus growths.  Yet many a poor woman has lost her health, her life, through her own and physicians' belief that the excessive loss of blood and the other discharges were "critical" and due to a "change of life."

     Painful Menstrual Periods, usually due to misplacement of the womb or a contraction of the mouth of the uterus, are cured in a week's time at my Sanitarium.

     Falling of the Womb (Prolapsus), and backward misplacements of the womb that cannot be corrected by local treatments or supports, are cured by a simple operation and two weeks stay at the Sanitarium.

     Time and space forbid my entering into the innumerable cases of Nervous Disorders sympathetic with womb diseases that I have cured by treating diseases of women in the manner indicated above but I will gladly answer, freely and at length, any questions of afflicted women who choose to give me a history of their case, either in person, at my office, or by letter.

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26th & Wyandotte Sts.,

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