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Tumors Removed -- Cancer Permanently Cured.

Before Tumor Surgery Performed by Dr. Coe at Dr. Coe's Sanitarium.

     From my twenty-five years experience in the general surgical field, I have successfully removed a great variety of tumors from all parts of the human body.  Last spring I presented to the Eclectic Medical College of this city, several hundred tumors which I have removed in the last 15 years, being the largest variety and number removed by any one surgeon in the West.  My success in the work is phenomenal.  The photographs above show Mr. R. S. Harbour before, and thirty days after the surgical operation for removal of the fibroid tumor.  Performed by Dr. Coe, at the Sanitarium, May 12, 1894.

Tumor on Boy's Neck Before Surgery for Removal.Boy's Neck Tumor Completely Removed by Dr. Coe.

     The above is the picture of the son of Mr. and Mrs. V. Bennett, of Lebanon, Mo, showing the boy before and after I removed a tumor from the neck over 14 years ago.  Even today there has been no sign of the tumor returning.

     While I have cured many cases of cancer that were regarded as incurable, I recognize the fact that the disease can reach a stage beyond the reach of human skill.  It is for this reason that I would urge those suffering from it to begin treatment at once.  To all such I will say, that if in my judgment the disease has gone too far, or is in such a form that a cure cannot be promised I will say so at the outset.  I know, however, from my own professional experience with this disease, that it can be cured.  I know it, because I have cured it, and cured it permanently.  But I know also, that through neglect, delay or wrong treatment, it may and often does reach an incurable stage.  When this stage is reached, all that the most skilled physician or surgeon can do is to prolong life a few months, or a few years, and and in the meantime alleviate the pain and suffering of the patient.  Having made a special study of cancer, I am prepared to receive, care for, and treat cancer patients at my Sanitarium.  I have every facility for using such remedies as may be necessary to eradicate the disease, and my treatment has the backing of successful results, to recommend it to the suffering.

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26th & Wyandotte Sts.,

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