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A Brief Personal History.

     It is now twenty-five years since I began my professional career as surgeon of the Cook County Hospital, Chicago, Ill.  The experience acquired during the years I filled that position was of the highest professional value to me.  I cam into contact with persons suffering from nearly every form of bodily injury known to the science of medicine and surgery.  Operations requiring the highest surgical skill were performed almost daily, while specific diseases, calling for special treatment, were constantly under my care.

     Believing there was a wider, a more useful, and possibly a more promising field for me in the study of diseases requiring special medical and surgical treatment, I determined to establish an ideal Sanitarium for the treatment, the care and the cure of the afflicted.  What I had in mind was a Sanitarium that should combine the best features of the hospital and the home, and I determined that my Sanitarium should be an invalid's home, not only in name, but in fact, and that those who resorted it it for treatment and cure should find it a pleasant, cheerful and homelike place.

     I believed then, and that belief has been fully justified by this experience of many years, that the conditions under which a patient is treated, have much to do with his or her recovery.  Therefore I decided that my ideal Sanitarium should be one in which all conditions would be such as to induce cheerfulness, inspire confidence and constantly encourage the hope of cure.

     Now, after these twenty-five years, the plans formed in Chicago have been in a large measure realized.  The Sanitarium now permanently located at the corner of Twenty-Sixth and Wyandotte Streets, has not only been established, but is so favorably known that it is constantly filled with patients from all parts of the country.

     As the founder of "Dr. Coe's Medical and Surgical Sanitarium" I take a just professional pride in the record made by myself and my corps of selected assistants, in the treatment and care of medical and surgical diseases that have baffled the skill of many well-known physicians and surgeons.  In saying this I do not intend to reflect upon my medical brethren.  They doubtless gave to such of their patients as came to me, for cure, the best treatment at their command.  Many of the best physicians in interior cities and towns, recognizing their limitations, and acknowledging the advantages, both as to treatment and nursing at my command, now send to such of their patients as need special treatment and nursing to my Sanitarium.

     Since I entered upon my professional career, the sciences of medicine and surgery have advanced greatly  This is particularly true of surgery.  Operations are performed today that were not dreamed of a quarter of a century ago.  Although the skill exercised and the results achieved appear to border on the marvelous, they conform in all respects to scientific principles and methods.  But the surgery of today, while daring, is more humane than the surgery of the olden days.  In the treatment of many diseases, the knife as been abandoned altogether.  In short, the aim of medicine and surgery now is to exhaust all other means of cure before resorting to the operating table.  This is the policy pursued at my Sanitarium.  I neither perform or advise the performance of a surgical operation unless it is absolutely necessary to effect a cure.  During my professional career I have performed a great many delicate and difficult operations, and I naturally take some pride in the reputation I enjoy as a skillful surgeon; but I take even more pride in the fact that I have cured many patients without resorting to the knife, who, when they came to me, came for the express purpose of being operated on.

     The surgery that is practiced at the Sanitarium differs materially from the surgery that deals with broken limbs, cuts, bruises, abrasions, lacerations, and other external i nuries.  It has to do mainly with specific diseases of the internal organs and with physical deformities, such as tumors, club feet, cross eyes and hare lip.  This surgery not only calls for special skill, but renders it imperative that the operator have a thorough and accurate knowledge of the human body.  This knowledge it takes years of practice to acquire.  It is an essential that cannot be dispensed with if delicate, and perhaps dangerous, operations are to be performed with any degree of assurance that the results will be achieved.

     My purpose in publishing this material is to let those in need of medical or surgical treatment know that here in Kansas City is a Sanitarium in which they will receive the benefit of the best medical and surgical skill, combined with careful nursing and home surroundings.  My wife, who has devoted her whole life to nursing, oversees the trained nurses, and superintends the cooking for the sick and afflicted.  That she knows how to do this to perfection is beyond question.  She has full charge of the nurses and the cooking for the patients.

     Ever since I established the Sanitarium I have devoted my time to the treatment of chronic and surgical diseases.  For many years I have made a specialty of the diseases of women, such as female weakness, leucorrhoea, irregular menstruation, acute and chronic inflammation of the womb, ovaries and fallopian tubes, all pelvic inflammation, remove all tumors and growths of the uterus and associated organs.  I also repair accidents of childbirth.  Associated with these troubles are many nervous troubles, such as dyspepsia, stomach troubles,  headache, liver complaint, catarrh of the throat, lungs and bowels, of which I have made a special study and am successful in treating.  Many cases of piles, fistula and other rectal ailments have been successfully treated at the Sanitarium; in fact, connected with the Sanitarium are a number of doctors skilled in different specialties, such as eye, ear, throat, lung troubles, and diseases peculiar to men.  As the head of the institution I supervise all treatment and see that it is properly and carefully given, and that al patients receive proper care.

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