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Before Hare Lip Surgery at Dr. Coe's Sanitarium.After Hare Lip Surgery at Dr. Coe's Sanitarium.

Before Treatment for Cross Eyes.After Treatment for Cross Eyes

Hare Lip

Cross Eyes

     The deformities of the human body are many and varied.  The ones I have to deal with at the Sanitarium are mostly deformities of childhood, as at this time, the majority of the deformities can be corrected.  At the Sanitarium the past twenty five years I have corrected many cases of the following deformities:  Club feet, club hands, knock knee, bow legs, hare-lip, wry-neck, flat foot, hollow foot, webbed fingers, contracted fingers and toes and cross eyes.

     The above mentioned deformities are all congenital (born with) and should be treated early in life.  These deformities require apparatus especially manufactured for each individual case.  Many of these deformities can be corrected by the apparatus alone, while others require a special operation in addition to the apparatus.

     Parents who have deformed children, do not put off having them treated.  Every day's delay makes a possible cure harder.

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26th & Wyandotte Sts.,

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