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The Embroidered Batavia Cloth "NATIONAL" Hat.

The Straw Braid Batavia "NATIONAL" Hat.
The Satin Batavia Cloth "NATIONAL" Hat.
The Bead-Trimmed Batavia "NATIONAL" Hat.
The Braid-Draped Turban "NATIONAL" Hat.

"National" Hats from the National Cloak and Suit Co. of Kansas City, Missouri
National Cloak and Suit Company, Kansas City, Missouri

From the Freshness of Youth to the Beauty of Age

There is a "National" Hat for Everyone - of Every Age
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From the smart up-curving brim for the vivacious girl to the brim of pensive droop for the retiring disposition, there is a "NATIONAL" Hat not only of extreme becomingness for all - but one serving to give expression to the very charm of personality.

And there is the delight of true style rests.  And there the need for choosing a hat where ALL of Fashion's best models are displayed.  And in these pages there is Fashion's full assortment -- all authoritative New York Styles -- all "NATIONAL" Styles.

To Mention a few:   the new embroidered conceits, the stylish soft effects, sailors with newness in the turn and roll or the brim, and the becoming "off-the-face" shapes that curve back from the face.

The materials are many -- and the best of the new ones are shown here.  Milan Hemp, Lisere Straws, Satin and Glossy Braids, and the very fashionable Batavia Cloth --  a light weight fabric woven from hemp.

AND VALUES.  Style costs little -- nothing, almost, in a "NATIONAL" Hat.  A high-priced designer creating for the individual must add dollars for her time to the cost of each hat.  In buying a "NATIONAL" Hat the expense of the best designers can hardly be figured, so many designs do we create, so many do our customers number.

Therefore, a "NATIONAL" Hat brings you the best in style, the most expensive designs, but the price is figured on material cost and workmanship alone.

"National" Hats from the National Cloak and Suit Company, Kansas City, Missouri
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National Cloak and Suit Company, Kansas City, Missouri
Milan Hemp "NATIONAL" Hat.
The Braid-and-Net "NATIONAL" Hat.
The Satin-and-Horsehair Cloth "National" Hat
The Batavia Cloth Satin "NATIONAL" Hat.
The Tafetta Horsehair "NATIONAL" Hat.



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