Vintage Kansas - A Celebration of Kansas City Past! Birds of the Kansas City Region by Harry Harris
By Harry Harris
Associate Member American Ornithologists Union
The Cardinal.
The Chimney Swift.
The Screech Owl.
The Scarlet Tanager.
The Black Tern.
The Carolina Wren.
The Red-Eyed Vireo.

     Abundant migrant and not uncommon summer resident.


     The first impatient males begin to arrive about April 26th, followed in increasing numbers all through May by the bulk of the flight and until mid-June by the stragglers.  A flock of between fifty and a hundred birds have been seen migrating as late as June 11th.

     These terns follow the Missouri River in flocks of several hundred individuals and resort to favorite feeding and resting places where they may be observed during every migration.  The Big Eddy just below the mouth of the blue is one of these.  Here the feeding flocks may be easily approached in a launch and the many plumage variations observed at close range.

     This species has been seen about the Swope Park lakes, Pen Valley lake, Country Club pond and other small bodies of water in and around the city.  They are observed during the entire summer at most of the duck-hunting resorts in this vicinity, and are very possibly breeding in favorable localities.

     Several were seen hawking for insects over an athletic field in the Country Club region in company with Nighthawks on May 17, 1917.

The Barn Swallow. The Bluebird. The House Wren. The Mourning Dove.

Birds of the Kansas City Region

The Prothonotary Warbler.
The Blue Jay.
The Wood Thrush.
The Brown Creeper.
The Warbling Vireo.
The Purple Martin.
The Robin.

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