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D ON'T merely buy an electric.  Make an investment in a car of recognized value -- a car that has not only proven itself
 master of all road conditions in Kansas City but one that is safe to the point of certainty. 
Certainty!  Because it is made to meet far more than ordinary requirements.  You can get these features only in a Detroit Electric.
Fitted into the side of the car itself, allowing full seat room.  Parallel with steering lever.  When not in use both levers can be raised upright, flat against the side of the car, entirely out of the way.
Four extra powerful brakes act on the rear wheels.  More braking surface than on any other electric made, simple and easy to operate.  There are two foot pedals, which may be used separately or together, as required.  In case of emergency the brakes may be applied and locked by one pressure of the foot, at the same time automatically cutting off the power..
No open space between fenders and body.  Protection from dirt and splash of the road.  Adds to the appearance of the car.  Fenders do not rattle, more substantial than leather, lighter than steel.
Add to the strength of body, life of the car and beauty of finish.  Do not check, warp, or crack.  Even the mouldings are made of aluminum (not wood).
All 1912 Detroit Electrics have low hung bodies, low center of gravity and the easiest riding springs made, whether you use Pneumatic or Motz Cushion Tires..
Adjustable from one inch to full depth, without disturbing occupants.  The top half swings out like a wind shield.  Protection in storm, plenty of fresh air in summer.
We furnish Edison nickel and steel batteries, for which we have exclusive rights in pleasure cars, or Detroit Electric Guaranteed Lead Battery.  There are 73 cars in Kansas City and vicinity equipped with the Edison Battery.
Our own exclusive design, built and speeded expressly for an electric automobile; made in our own shops, of course.  Hill climbing and heavy loads never overheat or burn out Detroit Electric motors.  In Seattle, where hills and road conditions are extraordinary, 84 out of 104 electics are Detroit Electrics.
Only true Direct Shaft Drive on electric automobiles.  Patented.  The word "Chainless" is your protection against so-called "Shaft Drives" with  concealed chain or gear reductions housed at the motor beneath the car to rattle, wear and waste power.  There are no chains to stretch and slack anywhere on a Detroit Electric -- a great advantage in hilly cities where strains are so severe..

Again we remind you that you can obtain all of these features only in a Detroit Electric.  Ask to see our latest model, No. 26, with the rounded back body design, which sets a pace for years to come.

Anderson Electric Car Company


3310 - 3312 MAIN STREET.


"The Largest and Finest Equipped Electric Garage in the West."

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