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A Victoria ~ a Brougham ~ and two Sedans

by Jordan


EVERYBODY now knows of the tendency of experienced owners to step up from the class of ordinary cars to the proud possession of a good looking, economical, balanced, lightweight, distinctive car of the highest resale value.

Everybody now knows of the tendency of owners of old-fashioned bulky cars of rapid depreciation to favor a compact car, easy to turn, easy to handle, easy to place at the curb.

No one today questions the superiority of the Jordan Standard Chassis.  Now it is only a question of choosing the body style you prefer.

If you want a personal car which accommodates four passengers if desired ~ get the Jordan Victoria.

If you'd rather have a four-door car of compact comfort and fine quality ~ get the Jordan our Door Brougham.

Of course if you want the extra roominess, comfort and quality of the Jordan Sedan, you may have it ~ with either five or seven passenger capacity.

Step into any Jordan salesroom and select the body type best adapted to your needs.  You know that you will find dominating style.

Kansas City Jordon Co., 2316 McGee Trafficway

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