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Arthur Edward Stilwell, Railroad Entrepreneur and Visionary



A Hymn by Arthur E. Stilwell

The wise men once beheld a star
   That shone in glory bright,
And humbly follow'd from afar
   Its radiant leading light.
And in a manger 'mid the hay,
   A Virgin they did see,
While by her side a babe there lay,
   The Prince of Galilee.

My Savior! My Savior! My Savior dear,
   Who conquer'd even Calvary,
My Savior! My Savior! My Savior dear,
   Thou Prince of Galilee.

And as the glory from above
   Shone in the days of old,
We now in humbleness and love,
   A greater light behold;
More bright than star in earthly sky,
   God's glory now we see.
'Tis Christ, our Master, from on high,
   The Prince of Galilee.


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Arthur E. Stilwell, Writer, Poet,  and Founder of more than 40 Communities

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