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August 12, 1909



Captain Webster, F. R. G. S., British
Army, Retired, Estimates the
Cost of His Antarctic Expedi-
tion at $200,000.

To fly to the South pole in a combined dirigible balloon and aeroplane is the purpose of Captain R. V. Webster, F. R. G. S., formerly of the British army, and now a wealthy tea and rubber planter of Ceylon, who is in this country learning all he can about the latest in American aeronautics. Captain Webster is now on his way to Washington, where he will have an audience with the members of the government aeronautic board. He was at the Baltimore hotel last night.

The Walter Wellman plan of going in a balloon is all right as far as it goes, thinks Captain Webster, but the explorer must be sure that he can readily return.

"Wellman may get to the North pole, all right," he said last night, "but I entertain grave doubts as to his ability to get back to civilization again. Gas, you know, may gradually be dissipated from a balloon on such a trip. It might carry an explorer to the pole, but I'm afraid he'd find to his horror that he would not have enough left to return.

Captain Webster is of the opinion that the South pole can be found by combining heavier-than-air and lighter-than-air craft, so that if one fails the other will be left to depend upon.

Although his plans are thus far tentative, his idea now is to suspend a biplane, perhaps of the type used by the Wrights, from an elongated balloon shaped like Count Zeppelin's huge dirigible.

This military and aeronautical Eurasian has the right to write F. R. G. S. after his name, as well as Captain before it, for he holds a life fellow hip in the Royal Geographical Society of London . To this society he says he has given the English equivalent of $60,000 for the purpose of financing an antarctic expedition which he will command. It will take a total of $200,000 to pay for such a trip.

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May 23, 1909


A Balloon Race One of the Features
Advertised for Today.

Fairmount park opens today. This afternoon at 3:30 o'clock, the free attraction that has given the park a part of its popularity -- a balloon race -- will be given. The race is between L. M. Bales of Kansas City and R. V. Porter of Minneapolis. The management of the park has announced that there will be a regular schedule of races at the park this summer. The free vaudeville which will take the place of the band this year is also to be another one of the important features of the park. The bill is to be given in the band shell, twice in the afternoon and twice at night on Sundays and once in the afternoon and twice at night on the week days. It includes this week the Gee Jays, a European novelty troupe, Anisora and Leonita, M'lle Triende, a rolling globe artist, who has been featured for several seasons with circuses and Abdallah, the Arabian gymnast.

There are several new concessions at the park this year and among them is "Darkness and Dawn,' something new in the scenic line.

Of course the lake is still going to form one of the main amusement places this year. Last season, at the early part of the season, many thousand small fish were brought from the fish hatcheries at St. Joseph and placed in the lake. These have grown considerably during the winter and have made fishing much better. The bathing beach has been improved and the boating facilities have also been made better.

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December 29, 1908


Mr. and Mrs. Coey Will Go to Cali-
fornia by Rail.

Charles A. Coey of Chicago and Miss Carrie Hume Lewis of 1809 Linwood boulevard, this city, will be married at the home of Miss Lewis's parents next Saturday night. Mr. Coey is prominent in Chicago automobile circles and an enthusiastic aeronaut. The latter fact caused some of Mr. Coey's friends, who believe in practical jokes, to spread the story that with his bride he would go on a honeymoon trip through the clouds, starting in a large balloon from Kansas City. One Chicago newspaper accepted the yarn as fact and solemnly published it.

"It was an absurd story," said Miss Lewis at her home last night. "Why, we had never even thought of such a thing. We will leave for Los Angeles next Sautrday night, and don't forget to state that we will go by rail. After two months we shall return to Chicago and be at home at the Auditorium Annes."

Miss Lewis is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. A. B. Lewis.

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November 23, 1908


Kansas City Banker Will Try for
Record at Canton, O., Today.

CANTON, O., Nov. 22. -- (Special.) W. F. Comstock, secretary of the Fidelity Trust Company, Kansas City, and W. R. Timken, Canton manufacturer, will make a balloon trip from here tomorrow morning in an effort to smash records.

Comstock has come here solely for the purpose of going on the voyage. The men will go up in the training balloon, "All America," piloted by Leo Stevens. The "All America" has a displacement of 80,000 cubic feet and with only three in the basket will be able to carry plenty of ballast, so that with favorable weather conditions, the big gas bag should be able to stay in the air for many hours.

The start will be made form the grounds of the Canton Aero Club at 9 o'clock. Another ascension will be made in a smaller balloon, "Sky Pilot," after the "All America" goes off. A. H. Morgan and J. H. Wade, Jr., prominent Cleveland men, will be in the basket.

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July 16, 1908


Air Navigators Will Race There for
a Silver Cup.

More balloon races at Fairmount park next Sunday and this time the contestants are to race for a silver cup offered by the park management. The cup is to be given the man who reaches the greatest height. L. M. Bales of Kansas City is to be one of the contestants, while the other is to be Calhoun Grant of Providence, R. I.

Now is the time when Fairmount park is at its best. And at the bathing beach there is work all the time. The crowd at the beach last Sunday was the largest ever known at the park. Old men, boys, women and children were in the water, and so great was the demand that there were not suits enough to go around.

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September 30, 1907





Exciting Terminus of a Race Through
the Air That Was Watched
by Hundreds of People
at Electric Park.

A collision of balloons 500 feet above solid ground was viewed by hundreds of people at Electric park last night, when the race between five balloons, which is the feature of the Corn Carnival, had only well begun. A stiff breeze was blowing out of the east, and the balloons were carried rapidly away from the park.

When the balloons reached a point nearly above Forty-third and Main streets, it was seen to be inevitable that two of them would collide. Fireworks were being set off in the air, and the people at the park could watch the course of the aeronauts clearly.

A scream of fear arose from the spectators when it was seen that a collision was almost inevitable. Just when it seemed the balloons would surely dash against one another, the two aeronauts cut their parachutes loose, and started to descend.

The parachute of Lee Planet, of one of the balloons, for some reason refused to work, and Planet fell rapidly. It seemed that he must be dashed to death, and the crowd of watchers turned away their eyes when he had disappeared from sight, believing him dead.

But luck was with Planet, and he lit upon a row of telephone wires, and from there dropped to the ground. His right hip was fractured, and he was rendered unconscious. Dr. Carl Bates, of No. 4 police station, treated him, and had him taken to his home. Planet is 24 years old, and is living at 1639 Broadway. Warren Redwine, the other aeronaut, escaped uninjured.

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August 11, 1907


Many Other Features There to At-
tract the Pleasure Seekers.

The return balloon race between L. M. Bales and A. L. Curtiss, postponed last Sunday on the account of unfavorable weather, will be held this afternoon at Fairmount. The balloon race today will be an interesting feature in that considerable rivalry exists between the two aeronauts, and their meeting today will be one that each has looked forward to for several seasons.

Fairmount offers, besides its regular part attractions, a place for a quiet, restful outing close to the beauties of nature. The expanse of shade and grass and waterway presents a pretty scenic display, while on the lake boaters may find enjoyment and sport, while the bathing beach meets all requirements ofr the enjoyment of swimming.

Picnickers are offered every facility and accomodation for a pleasant outing on the picnic grounds in the north section of the park, near Cusenbary Springs, and where check stands are provided for baskets and other luggage.

Each afternoon and evening concerts are given by Hiner's Third Regiment band. For this afternoon and evening's concerts, two programmes of standard, popular and classical numbers will be given.

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