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January 3, 1910


Steamer Was Forced on River Bank
by Ice.

Officers of the Kansas City Transportation and Steamship Company received word yesterday that the steamer Chester had only been slightly damaged Friday night in the ice floe. It was reported that the boat had been crushed and thrown on the river bank. The boat has been pulled off the bank and floated. Outside a few broken lines the steamer appears uninjured.

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August 28, 1909


Steamboat Chester Will Carry Kan-
sas Cityans to New Orleans.

At a meeting held yesterday afternoon the directors of the Commercial Club enthusiastically accepted the invitation from St. Louis to send a steamboat representing Kansas City with the flotilla which will escort President Taft down the Mississippi river from St. Louis to the big waterways convention at New Orleans in October. Secretary E. M. Clendening was instructed to send notification of Kansas City's acceptance and to ask that the Kansas City boat be assigned a good place in the formation of the down-river fleet.

The steamboat Chester will carry the Kansas Cityans to New Orleans. It is the intention to begin the trip at the home dock, make stops at the towns down the Missouri river as far as Jefferson City and join the flotilla at St. Louis. This scheme, it is thought, is preferable to making the start at St. Louis and besides it will afford the Kansas Cityans an excellent opportunity to campaign for river improvement at Lexington, Glasgow, Boonville, Jefferson City and the other towns down the Missouri between here and the state capital.

The Chester has capacity for sixty passengers, and from the way applications for berths are coming in it is probable that they will be engaged long before the trip is to be taken. A band will be on board the boat, which will be gaily decorated. H. G. Wilson, transportation commissioner of the Commercial Club, will be in charge of the arrangements.

The boat will probably leave Kansas City on the afternoon of October 21, will reach St. Louis October 25 and will arrive at New Orleans October 31. It will be used as a floating hotel for the Kansas Cityans while at St. Louis and New Orleans.

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August 17, 1908


Cabins of Steamer Chester Had Sev-
enty-Five on Trip to St. Louis.

The steamer Chester cleared yesterday afternoon on its regular weekly trip to St. Louis, carrying about the usual cargo of freight, and from sixty to seventy-five passengers. Since the inauguration of the steamer service between the two cities the trip by boat is becoming more popular with those who are not rushed for time. As a general rule night on the river is cooler than on the shore, and as the staterooms are well screened, passengers are not troubled by mosquitos.

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August 15, 1908


Rate of $1 for Rount Trip to Na-
poleon on the Chester.

The steamer Chester, which leaves Kansas City at 11 o'clock Sunday morning, will carry a special excursion to Napoleon, Mo., for which a fare of $1 has been made. An orchestra will be provided and there will be a cabin dance. The excursionists will be landed in Napoleon in time to catch the Missouri Pacific train for Kansas City, reaching here at 8:15 Sunday night.

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August 1, 1908


Steamship Company Is Going to Ad-
vertise Delights of Water Travel.

An excursion to St. Louis on the steamer Chester will be run, starting tomorrow at noon. The chester has been at the Kansas City wharf all week, undergoing repairs and a general overhauling, in preparation for the excursion.

The boat line company is going after passenger business strongly, having reduced its rates to $15 for the round trip, or $8 for one way, including meals, stateroom and all first class accommodations.

H. G. Wilson, manager of the boat line company, has arranged for 104 passengers on Sunday's excursion.

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May 14, 1908


The Chester Will Have to Start Car-
rying Freight Soon, Also.

The Kansas City Transportation & Steamship Company announces that it will make a passenger rate of $5 between Kansas City and St. Louis this season, stateroom included, meals to be on the European plan. The fare last year was $7.50, including meals.

The Tennessee is sceduled to arrive here Saturday, and to leave on the down trip Monday. More than 100 tons of freight is now due at St. Louis, and it is probable that the Chester will have to be put into the trade next week.

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August 23, 1907


Professor Cantanzara's Musicians to
Accompany the Sieben Excursion.

Henry Sieven, wharfmaster of the port of Kansas City, and his excursion party, will set sail for St. Louis on the steamer Chester at 4 o'clock next Monday afternoon. The boat will heave anchor at the foot of Delaware street. Mr. Sieven said yesterday that he had received invitations from Lexington, Miami, Boonville, Jefferson City, Hermann, Washington and St. Charles, asking his tourists to visit their towns.

Prof. John Cananzara's Royal Italian band, which is to accompany the excursionists, serenaded the newspaper offices last night. There are twenty eight musicians in this organization and they play excellent music under the capable leadership of Prof. Cantanzara.

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