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August 8, 1909


S. J. Ellis Robbed of $60 and a
Valuable Stick Pin.

Three young men uniformly dressed in loose fitting, shoddy garments and wearing dark slouch felt hats stepped from an alley and leveled three large revolvers at S. J. Ellis, a contractor, as he was returning from a trip from the business district to his home at 3834 Agnes avenue last night. With his hands accommodatingly thrust into the air Mr. Ellis allowed one of the men to rob him of $60 in money and a valuable stick pin. He was then told to hasten home.

Mr. Ellis reported the holdup to No. 9 police station.

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April 13, 1909


Rose Peterson Faces Charge of Mur-
der in Criminal Court.

Rose Peterson will go to trial this afternoon in the criminal court. She is charged with murder in the second degree for the killing of her husband December 22.

Fred Peterson, the dead man, and his wife, from whom he had been separated, went to a dance the night in question. They quarreled. At Eighteenth street and Agnes avenue, she shot him, then ran to 3810 East Nineteenth street, the home of Peterson's parents, and told them of the killing.

Peterson died almost instantly. As a defense the wife, who is 19 years old, says her husband struck her. A jury was empaneled yesterday.

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February 10, 1909


Board Takes In New Territory in
Southeast Part of City.

Notice has been served on the county clerk by the board of education that the school limits have been extended to take in a territory in the southeastern part of the city. The land taken in lies between Prospect and Agnes avenues, from Thirty-fifth to Ninety-ninth streets, and between Agnes and Cleveland avenues, from Thirty-fifth to Thirty-seventh streets.

The property in question is now subject to taxation for city school purposes. The school board has the right to extend the limits after being authorized to do so by a vote of the residents of the district in question.

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August 2, 1908


George Lemon, Subject to Fits, Per-
ishes Before Help Arrives.

George Lemon, 17 years old, entered the barber shop of Joseph Sarp and James S. Caldwell, 2605 East Eighteenth street, last night about 9 o'clock and said he wanted to take a bath. R. M. Dodson, the negro porter, prepared the bath for him, filling the tub half full of lukewarm water. Lemon entered and was heard splashing around. Fifteen minutes later his body was heard to fall in the tub and those who rushed into the room found him lying in the water, dead.

Dr. N. McVey was called and he tried to resuscitate him, but without avail. The body was taken to Eylar Bros., undertakers, where Coroner George B. Thompson examined it and found the death was due to drowning. Lemon was subject to epileptic attacks, one of which probably caused him to fall in the tub. No inquest will be held.

The boy was a teamster and lived at 1704 Agnes avenue with his parents and brother.

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July 23, 1907


Frank Pemberton Held for Entering
Agnes Avenue Home.

Frank Pemberton, 16 years old, 1829 Agnes avenue, was arrested yesterday afternoon for entering the home of Mrs. W. C. Whichler, 2807 East Sixteenth street. Young Pemberton was found secreted beneath a bed in a room on the upper floor byMrs. Whichler, who went upstairs to investigate a noise suggestive of someone moving about in the upper rooms. When she found the boy, Mrs. Whichler ran out of the room, locked the door and informed the police at No. 6 station.

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